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Quality Of Life

We believe Shamokin Dam is a great place to live, work and do business. Historically we have been, and continue to be, a well governed and managed, fiscally responsible community. We offer police and fire protection, low taxes, municipal water and sewer, both new and existing well maintained housing, two shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, business opportunities, medical facilities, churches, five family oriented parks and we are home to the world’s largest inflatable dam, which during the summer months creates Lake Augusta on the Susquehanna River, and provides outstanding water recreational opportunities. In short, Shamokin Dam offers an excellent quality of life.
-- Mayor Joe McGranaghan


Shamokin Dam is proud to provide the community with various recreational parks, including a newly constructed dog park. These parks include Jack Treas Park, Charles Attig Park, and Weller Field. Reservations of these parks can be made with the borough office.
Shamokin Dam Dog Park
Shamokin Dam Dog Park
Jack Treas Park
Jack Treas Park
Jack Treas Park
Weller Field
Weller Field
Weller Field

Local Businesses

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Dollar Tree
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Ollie's Bargain Outlet
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Shamokin Dam Health Center
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The Orchard Hills Shopping Center
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UNB Bank
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Bob Evans
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US Routes 11 & 15

Public Safety

The Shamokin Dam Police Department was created by an ordinance adopted by Borough Council on March 6, 1961. The ordinance was signed by James W. Gilbert, the Burgess (now the office is Mayor) and Council President Ralph Kline, who later became a long term Mayor of the Borough. Over the years the Borough Police Department has had four Chiefs. The first was Harvey West who served until 1968. He was replaced by Chief Warren Humphrey, then Chief Robert Lockcuff and today the Department is led by Chief Tim Bremigen. Humphrey, Lockcuff and Bremigen were all promoted to Chief from within the Department. The Department is located in the Shamokin Dam Municipal Building at 42 W. 8th Avenue, near Routes 11/15 ("The Golden Strip") and the Susquehanna River. The authorized strength of the Department is three full time and two part time officers who are assisted by a Police Secretary. We provide primary coverage to our Borough but we assist neighboring departments when needed. In addition, we often assist the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and the Snyder County District Attorney’s Office. The SDPD is dispatched by the Central Susquehanna Regional 911 Center Annually we respond to many calls for service and are proud that our officers are proactive in their approach to community safety. Our primary function is patrolling and maintaining safety to not only our residents and businesses, but also to nearly 45,000 vehicles and their occupants that transit through the borough each day. Routes 11 & 15 plays host to many of these travelers who lodge in our hotels, dine in our restaurants and avail themselves of other services provided in the Borough. We take their safety very seriously. Our officers receive yearly mandated training with not only new laws, but also current trends in our communities. Additionally, our officers are provided training to include cultural diversity, drug interdiction, firearms and less lethal weapons training, including scenario based training. Our officers have instructor certifications in various police curriculums. The officers are equipped with the latest technologies and are capable of functioning from their vehicles with the use of on board computers that interface with other agencies throughout the state. Based on a solid foundation of policing history in the borough, we continue our efforts to provide our very active community with the safety and stability it deserves.

Shamokin Dam Fire Company #1 was established in March of 1930. We are located at 3343 N. Old Trl., in the borough of Shamokin Dam near Routes 11/15 ("The Golden Strip) and the Susquehanna River. Our primary (1st due) response area is the borough of Shamokin Dam, and medical assist response to upper Monroe Twp. Our mutual aide area includes: Monroe Twp, Penn Twp., Selinsgrove Boro, Sunbury, Northumberland Boro, Middleburg, Franklin Twp., Union Twp. SC., Union Twp., UC, Lewisburg Boro, Chapman Twp., Lower Augusta Twp., Jackson Twp., Freeburg Boro, Washington Twp., Upper Augusta Twp. (River), Point Twp. (River), and Herndon Boro. We respond to over 550 Calls for Service annually. In addition to structure fires and auto accidents, we respond on River/Water Rescue incidents in the Susquehanna River, Haz-mat incidents, RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) incidents, Rope Rescue incidents, and are a certified QRS through the PA Dept. of Health. We have over 25 active members, including 13 FFI's, 10 FFII's, and 12 EMT's.

A Look at Our Neighborhood

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Borough Curbside Recycling

Please note the Borough's Curbside Recycling is the second Thursday of each month

Collection Includes:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Glass-Clear, Green, and Brown
  • Plastics- #1 and #2
Recyclables must be washed and seperated, placed, in plastic bags and tied shut.
Recycling should be placed curbside prior to 7:00AM the day of recycling


Sewer and Water


  • If you pay via credit or debit card, your statement will include a separate 2.95% or $2.50 minimum service fee with this transaction.
  • If you pay by e-check, there will be an additional $2.00 service fee. This requires the provision of your checking/savings account number and your routing number.

These fees are assessed by the credit card processor, not by the Borough of Shamokin Dam.

Your statement will reflect 2 line items for this transaction:

  1. Type of Payment for Shamokin Dam Borough
  2. Service Fee associated with the processing of your payment

Information from the Borough Office

  • Your water/sewer bills can be emailed instead of mailed every quarter.
  • Your water/sewer bills can be paid through an automatic payment. Each quarter you will recieve a water/sewer bill as usual with a note DO NOT PAY. Money will be deducted from your bank account. Your bank account will be charged the amount shown in the box noted as "Amount Due" on the due date. Your account will not be charged a penalty if that date falls on a weekend or holiday.
  • If you are interested in either of these autmated transactions please contact the Borough Office to receive the proper paperwork to start the process.

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